Saturday, 30 July 2011

MRI fun!!!!!

MRI fun ....... or not. Sorry I have not done a blog post for a few days. Last week was so busy as the weeks to the wedding slip past. Plus on top I had to go to the hospital to have a MRI scan which for me took a lot of courage. I had on top a 5 hr round trip drive to get to the hospital and it seemed to take ages and ages.

I have always had problems with tight spaces, or crowds of people since I was child. I have found that as I have got older its got worse. I don't think anyone can understand this fear unless they suffer like me. You know its totally unfounded at times, but your mind plays such tricks its very hard. I'm not sure if it came from my mother who was totally in fear of elevators and I can't count how many flights of stairs I have climbed up in the past., when i was younger. This could have started my personal fears and its grown with age.

I had a full body MRI last year and I ended up in tears! I laid in the machine and tried to relax and keep calm but  the longer I was in the worse it got. The assistant was less than helpful and got a little cross when I said I have to come out now. I did get through but it left me with a terrible fear, so when the MRI word came up I thought oh no.
They told me I would be fine as I could go in feet first but I was still very nervous. They also said it would only be 30 min so I was ok with that.
However, when I arrived I was told yes 30 mins but on each leg!!!!
So long story short I held it together but it was hard and I really hope I never have to have anothe rMRI  again.
So if you know someone with a phobia, please be kind to them and understand as it is so hard to cope with. I am lucky mine is ok most of the time, but many go through much worse than me.


  1. oh so sorry to hear about this. I just had an mri done on my leg on tuesday...although I do not have problems with tight spots, I fully understand. I am sorry and hope your mri turns out ok?!


  2. Hi melody-mae thanks very much I hope your leg MRI has good result. Mine are back on the 18th aug. Yes I dont find them fun at all let hope neither of us have to have another. Nice to meet you

  3. Sorry to hear that! Hope everything turns out ok! :)I'm your newest follower form Say Hi Sunday! Hope you can follow back!

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    have a great weekend!!

  5. I get it too - Mines mostly crowds of people in tight spaces - like the underground and economy flights. I get breathless. Deep water takes my breath away and it feels like my chest is caving in. I also get it in tight spaces in general - though elevators for a few mins aren't a problem, surprisingly - though if it broke down Id freak. Sorry you had unsympathetic nurse - How rude? and they call it the caring profession.

    Good luck with your wedding plans. I so loved our big day. The stuff of dreams - ;D_ x

  6. Thank you for joining Footloose and Fancy Free:) Now following you. Hope everything turns out ok as far as the MRI goes.

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  8. Thanks for all your comments glad I'm not the only one who has problems lol

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