Tuesday, 2 August 2011

30 day challenge... day 2

30 day challenge time and its day 2.
Today its a picture of the person you have been with or known the longest.

On our wedding day in 1979

This was taken at our sons wedding last year..... need i say more

This is my husband Kevin. We got married when we were very young and this year was our 32nd wedding anniversary. Its not always easy living with someone day in day out, and there are many times that I could have killed him lol. However, we make it work and I am proud of the fact we stayed together. He is a very hard working fire officer and always puts his family and home first.
I hope we have many more years to come and after next year when he retires some cash to have some fun

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  1. I can't imagine sewing all of those dresses! I once sewed 21 pairs of pajamas, but those are a little more simple...


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