Tuesday, 2 August 2011

30 day Challenge

30 day challenge is something I have come across in the last day or two. I have not tried this sort of thing before and I thought it would be fun to have things to focus on. Each day a different prompt is given to you and then you can use that in your blog.
So this is my start at the 30 day challenge.
Day one: A picture of yourself with 15 facts.

Me on the right in green and my daughter Natalie

Gosh now for 15 facts........

1. I am fairly new to blogging
2. I wish I had been a singer
3. I would still love to meet Donny Osmond
4. I got my husband through the post
5. I been on T.V a few times
6. I wish I was much much slimmer
7. I wish I had more confidence
8. I love to sew and do patchwork
9. I love to craft
10. I wish I had more friends
11. I love America
12. I would have loved to be a ballet dancer
13. I love my family
14. I wish I had more money to do more with my life
15. I hope people enjoy reading my blog!
.So that's day one of the 30 day challenge and I hope you will stick with me and maybe join in!


  1. Love the 30 day challenge posts! I'm your newest Google Friend Connect follower, stopping by from get wired Wednesday.

  2. Hi Sam yes I thought it was good ! I've had to have a break as I had a couple of things to say but I hope to get back to it !


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