Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Riots

London Riots are big in the news today in the UK. I am just a normal everyday person but it breaks my heart to have the world look at our shame.

I am a Londoner through and through and was born in a place called Hackney which has been the one of the areas that have been hit . I know there are lots of lovely kind people in these areas that are having their lives totally ruined, by mindless people. These individuals are using events  to make trouble.
Innocent people have been victims of crime which should never have happened.
My  husband is with the London fire service and he was on night duty last night and tonight. He is not alone with other workers like the police, who are trying to help and make London safe, I sit at home and worry.

People are constantly moaning about fire/police service, getting too much money and so on. Come on!!! these people need twice what they earn to do the job they do. Were would be all be if we did not have them. And this apply's all over the world.

So were ever you are in the world please remember this is not the  UK person, and these London riots are something that does not happen . Most are decent normal people who are trying to make sense of all of this trouble.
Please think to thank all the public service workers all over the world as they do a fantastic job.

Stay safe wherever you are.


  1. Thinking of you and your family tonight. I will pray for the safety of your husband as he does his duty serving the public.

  2. What a topic to come across as I find your blog. I am a brit living in America and I am actually embarrassed when I am asked about the riots...not that I have anything to do with them personally! It just seems like such Neanderthal behavior and I find it incomprehensible. The lack of resources to stop it all in its tracks is even worse.
    Looking forward to following.

    Gems xxx

  3. thanks Devonay thats very nice.
    And hi Gems nice to hear from an Ex pat its just a few idots that give the whole place a bad name!
    Seems to be better now thank goodness.
    Nice to meet you both

  4. I came across your blog when you made a comment on Cher's blog (Sunray Gardens). I am in Canada and have been worried about everything in England (my favourite country to visit). Our friend is a special constable in Manchester and we haven't heard from him - we know he was on vacation in Greece until a few days ago.

    We definitely know this is just a crazy group and we know that the 'mob mentalility' can do. We had similar things at the G20 last June and the hockey finals just this spring. (Not nearly the same thing, as they only last one night, but still.....we know the kind of people that get caught up in this).

    Bless all of England.



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