Friday, 5 August 2011


Weddings is a word that bring up good and bad memories for people. I've been very happy to attend lots of wedding and in the main have been really happy. My older brother got married to my darling sister in law Pat when I was 10. Even now at the age of 53 I can still remember every part of the day! My mother made all the dresses including the brides and mine was a fab pale lemon. We had tiny flowers in our hair and I felt like a little princess.

Me in 1969 (centre)

I was lucky to be bridemaid at that time to my cousin's Pat and Brian and can remember those in detail as well.
When it was mine turn in 1979 I was very excited as I was madly in love with my man Kevin. We had a lovely wedding and lucky for me we are still together even after 32 yrs.  It take hard work to maintain a relationship and even we have had ups and downs, but we are together which is great.

Kevin and I on our wedding day

There have been wedding in between but as a parent it really does you heart good to  see your child get married. Last year in April my son Matthew married Karen. They had a beautiful wedding in a castle ! It was early April but we were so lucky with the weather and not a drop of rain.

Matthew and Karens wedding

Then recently we had my son's friend Darren's wedding which we went to in the evening part. Everyone looked great and I am told Matthew did a fab job as best man. My daughter also made all the bridal flowers and they really looked great.

Darren and Gina's wedding

So last on this list is my daughter Natalie who is marrying the lovely Robin next month on the 17th. Those who kindly read this blog know how much work I have put into this wedding. There have been times when I have cried with the pressure of making 7 dresses but I would not have changed a thing. I have found that after 2 weddings in 2 years I could start a wedding business. I have made invitations, place cards, confetti cones, favour boxes, and helped with the cake. Part of me wants to get back to my craft but part of me will miss the wedding merry go round. 

Natalie and Robin

So come back after the 17th of September for lots of pictures of Natalie and Robs wedding, and pray for dry weather !


  1. Lovely post Jill and I remember being your bridesmaid like it was of my favourite childhood memories xxx

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