Thursday, 25 August 2011

Why do I have to suffer Mr Manufacturer

Why do I have to suffer Mr manufacturer?  Ok I am plus size and short..... I do not need a label really I live with it every day of my life. Its hard when you are bigger to feel nice about yourself and everyday is a struggle to not look in the mirror and think "yuck" as least for me.
So when it comes to clothes shopping its not easy. Sure there are stores that make plus size clothes but forget dresses and skirts if your short, you look like your wearing a grown up tall persons clothes.

I am what is called petite in that I am under 5 feet 2 inches tall and also my neck to waist measurement is shorter than the average. This means that if it is meant to sit on the waist it will end up on the hips, or bust darts fall nearer the waist not the bust.
When I was slim it was not a problem as a few clothing chains carry petite clothes but once I was above a UK 18 forget it.
So most of the time I have to either have it much to big on top to fit the bottom or the other way. I am sick of this problem.
Someone recently explained all the whys and why nots of having plus size petite clothing including cost and in surveys no market for them. I do find this rather hard to believe as I just can't be the only lady out there with this problem.

I am not saying a line just for plus size and petite, just to extend the sizes up a little to not exclude people.
Why must we constantly fight for good service and goods, why do stores that carry plus size always put that department in the  back corner. Do they think if people can see a larger person buying clothes they will run off screaming.

When you are larger or for that matter tiny, you feel different and often unhappy . Then to be faced with the hunt for nice clothes that fit, and you  feel like a reject is even more unhappiness.

So please clothing manufacturers think of us and the money market you could gain from inviting us in.
We may be plus size, we may be short but we are people and we have the right to look good. So I leave you as I started with the question " Why do I have to suffer Mr. Manufacturer"


  1. this picture is cracking me up! I agree with you 100 percent!

  2. Thanks Melissa the subject makes me mad

  3. Hi Jill, I couldnt agree with you more, to find a pair of jeans or trousers that are not the lengh of super models legs is a nightmare, like you im only 5.1 and even the "short" lengh are too long, really annoys me and half the time I give up looking xx

  4. hi mandy yes i so agree for me its the short waist thing. Im also only 5 1 so i know what you are saying. Looking forward to seeing you x

  5. Your right - it's insane - M&S has a tiny amount of petite sized clothing -I keep meaning to write to them to ask why they are ignoring a large sector when the US doesn't. I am short waisted/armed and need petite jackets. (Don't get me started on the lack of narrow shoes either! )

  6. I know what you mean Katherine I recently had a conversation with someone involved with petite clothing. They basically said it was too expensive and no call for plus size petite . Maybe we should get all plus size petite to write to people don't you think?

  7. You know what drives me nuts with plus size clothes is the size of the arm hole on sleeveless shirts... do they think my arm is the size of a small tree trunk... really!!

  8. I know what you mean! That's not my problem but it is my daughters. Trouble is we are powerless !

  9. I know just what you mean! I'm 5ft and definately not petite when it comes to width. If I were a petite and size problem. There's plenty of clothes to choose from. If I were a "standard" height and size 18, again,no problem, But petite and size 18....forget it, there is no choice! No market for such sizes? I beg to differ!

  10. I so agree I'm only 5th and about the same wide lol
    I find it hard to believe that there no Market I think the wrong people!

  11. Its not just when you are short, I'm 5ft 8 and a generous size 16 yet most clothing manufacturers seem to think that only my hips, waist and bust are large. Garment arms and legs remain a twiggy shape that I haven't had since I was a very young teen. Forget jeans or dresses & blouses with sleeves.... I live in baggy shirts over sleeveless tops and palazzo pants or shorts.


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