Monday, 22 August 2011

Three have a lazy day

Three have a lazy day is the name I have given to my picture, for you all on this Monday.
I took it of my husband and 2 cats having a nap and it did make me laugh to see them all so relaxed. Its not normal for my cats to be that close, they don't fight but they are not really close buddies. It was not until I looked that I noticed my husband in the back round and I did think it so funny. So happy monday world and I hope its a nice fun day for you all, and hope you have a lazy day.


  1. Monday is the most unwelcome day of the week - you have a busy week ahead until you reach your weekend. But its funny to see three having a lazy Monday. I wish I too could get some of that lazy Monday!!

  2. Yes a very busy week and I'm glad someone got to relax lol

  3. That picture absolutely needs "no" words... ever.
    Snooze on .... oh gentle snoozers. Tomorrow might be a work day. :)


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