Sunday, 23 October 2011

My week

 My week

MONDAY: Fairly peaceful day today. Kevin was back to work so got house to myself. When he is at home the place is always untidy. He tend to come back and bag on floor, bits all over ..... men.

TUESDAY: Today my daugther was sorting out her wedding pictures. She has so many they are really lovely. She had a beautiful day but like her brothers they go past so fast. Sticking to my diet and have been really good, so fingers crossed.

WEDNESDAY: Today is swimming day . I have lots of back problems so fitness is hard . I have just started going with my friend Lesley and its nice to do something. I was going to a craft class tonight but I had no door key so couldn't go. Had a nice on my own as Kevin was working and Natalie and rob visiting relatives.

THURSDAY: Today I was still feeling great after my swim. It is hard when your mind is active but your body holds you back. Long term joint problems are so hard to live with. Oh lady in picture wearing a hat thats because water at pool was cold today lol

.Also heard today that my daughter in law and her parents Lynne and George, had to have their sweet little dog pip put to sleep. Its so sad when you lose a much loved pet, they so become part of the family. Its very sad and my heart went out to them. R.I.P pip .

SATURDAY: Today is scrapbooking day. I am getting to go to a class all day to make a Christmas book. I really love to craft its is such a social thing to do. Lots of fun and laughter. We made a really nice Christmas mini album all ready for pictures to be added, really a great item.

SUNDAY: peaceful day I think no stress or rush. Church this morning and once again I was joined by my sister in law Karen and my daughter Natalie. It was a really nice service today as it is 800 years since the church was built, so the morning was all about that. It was really nice and a wonder that a building could be that old and still in constant use.

Hope you had a good week and enjoyed reading my week

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