Monday, 31 October 2011

My week

My week is a bit late as I normally write it up on Sunday afternoon, so sorry its late and hopefully not boring but here it is.

Monday: You know it was not a very exciting day really. Normal housework and also trying as normal to stick to my diet. I have been trying to read more but there never seems enough time in the day to do that.

Tuesday: Wanted to try to tidy up my craft room which is tiny. It had got into a terrible mess as I was so busy making wedding stuff, it got so untidy.
I got a full 3 bags of un-wanted bits and bobs and odd bit of. fabric and just .... stuff. It was nice to clear the space and get some order. I dream of a big room with areas for my sewing, paper craft and computer. And all organised and tidy..... ah well we live in hope one day.

Wednesday: No swimming today as my swimming friend is away on holiday, and its half term for the kids so pool would be busy.
I continued on my cleaning today and had the whole day to clean my large dresser in my kitchen. Its huge and gets very dusty, and I have lots of china so its is so hard to clean.
I wish sometimes I could have the cleaning fairy come around to help.

Thursday: Was the end of my first week doing my mutu system and continue with my slimpod. If you check earlier posts you can get information on both.Its too early to have success with my fitness and things will always be slow. I am trying and good new I lost 3 pounds this week so yay me.

Friday: Today it was my normal meeting of National women's register which is a discussion group. Today's subject is "what makes you rant!", so that should  be interesting. Other than that not much today.

Saturday: Today was craft class again. We made bath bombs and they had a great smell. We choose to make lavender ones, messy but fun. We also made boxes and tags. Sarah, Rosa and Katie at Flair Rail were great. I really enjoy the classes and the tea and chat.

Sunday: Today first it was off to church, on my own this week but that ok. It was a nice service and people are starting to chat to me now which is nice. I came home to a lovely roast dinner cooked by my husband.
This afternoon I went to the movies with my daughter and son in law, went to see paranormal activity 3.
Enjoyed it but did not think it was as good as the first two. Also very expensive to go and it will be awhile before I go again!
Also heard that a British T.V icon called Jimmy Saville  had died. Most in the UK of a certain age will remember him from his show called "Jimmy will fix it" on the BBC. He was a real character and a great lose to show business.

so sorry I am late and I wish you well for this week                                                              


  1. Mother dear says lovely photos from Saturday lol sounds like you've had a very clean week this week though :) Well done with the weight loss as well!

  2. Glad you liked them Katy and rosa thought they come out nice. See you soon xx


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