Saturday, 8 October 2011

One for the weekend

One for the weekend ! What is that I hear you all ask.  Well for it is a movie. I have always enjoyed a good movie and I think this love comes from my father.

He loved the movies and we often went to our local cinema when I was a child.
His favorite would be James Bond which I HATED !  In fact to this day I can't stand 007 movies.

For me its got to be either a great ghost story or chick flick to make you go ahhhh

So for me this Saturday I would like to share one of my favorite old movies, and that would be
"The shining" 

For those who have never seen it .......... where have you been! The basic story is:~

Jack is a writer and want to finish a book that has been held up due to his drink problems. He excepts a job at a huge hotel called "The overlook". The sprawling place is totally empty in the winter, and miles from the everyday world.

Jack sees this as a chance to get back into his writing, so jumps at the chance to go.
So with wife Wendy and little boy Danny the move into The overlook.
What they don't know is Danny possesses a psychic gift called "The shining", and it is a gift the evil vile spirits at the hotel desperately want.

Over the course of the movie you see the overlook come horrifyingly alive. Phantoms are everywhere, the message "redrum" starts to appear. Even trees in the gardens turn into strange monsters.

The  movie for me is full of scary nerve jumping moment's . The original also have such excellent acting and you are total pulled into this atmospheric shocker.

I do not think there are enough good ghost stories written these days. I'm not sure where this love comes from as I have been mad on this subject since I was small.

I hope if you have not seen this movie before, or not for a while you will give it a go. Make it your one for the weekend. I would love to hear what you would pick for your one for the weekend.


  1. This has got to be one of the best movies EVER mae and whom ever has nnot seen it has to run and rent the DVD becase it rokcs. Just came by to say hello :0)

  2. mommy bags I so agree lol I think the movie is fab and the acting great. Glad you liked my pick

  3. I found you listed on the Sundae blog hop and followed you via GFC as masugr. Hope you can drop by in the near future and follow me as well!

  4. Following you on twitter(ktk502), already a follower on GFC, here from the Sundae Hop,
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Hi allyson nice to meet you and also Kelly


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