Sunday, 2 October 2011

Wedding day makes

Wedding day makes is what the blog post for today is. Those who read this often (and I thank you) will know that my daughter Natalie got married two weeks ago. Over the year she was engaged I made a huge amount of things along with Natalie, my husband Kevin and our son Matthew. It truly was a family event in more ones than one.
It started out with the invitations which I cut using my cricut machine. I am hoping by the way to do tutorials on all my makes, so watch this space. Going back to invitations ... they were a simple folded card with a pocket for the RSVP and directions. Then tied with a simple pink bow. Easy to make but 300 take a long time when you have to cut one at a time.
Cricut machine

It was a totally labour of love as they did take ages and ages. Once they were all sent out it was a year of makes. I guess Natalie is lucky that I am very creative and as a family I think we all are in our own ways.
So where do I start ...... Well Natalie wanted to have a ring pillow and I did look at buying but they were fairly expensive and so I thought I would give it a go. I used my sewing machine to do lines of fancy stitching across 4 squares of satin. I then joined them all together to form a X or kiss. I then applique a heart on the centre. I added a back and some filling and I think it turned out fairly good.

Later I am sure there will be a better picture which I will share soon as I have it. It was lovely to make it and that Natalie loved it in the end.
Next on the list was what shall we use to contain all the cards people gave and small gifts. We looked at all the normal options but nothing really seemed right. Then my husband came across a lantern which was meant to hold a huge candle. It was really nice but dark red. So he brought it home and painted it, we made a label and I think it turned out very nice.

We went through lots of  Bridal magazine for ideas and if I could do my version then I would give it a go.
If your budget is tight this is a good tip if you are creative at all. Most of the wedding makes I either had my own ideas or I adapted from a  more expensive version.
The next on the list was bunting, as Natalie wanted some saying Just married. Once again I was going to buy but thought I would try myself. It took a while as there was a lot of sewing. I was happy once it was done and It was nice to see it hanging up.

What to put on the tables as place cards came next! In the end I once again used the fantastic cricut machine and cut some simple place cards. I then put them through my cuttlebug machine to emboss them with Swiss dots. I then cut 240 butterflies in 2 different sizes. One was slightly smaller than the other . I then sprayed them with glue and glittered them all . Then I put them together and folded the wings up on the top one, so it looked like it was flying. The names were printed and stuck on.

While we are on the table, we also had to think of a table plan. Once again they could be very expensive. I found some kiss diamond buckles which I thought was so pretty. I put a pink ribbon on the top and with the buckle on the centre I was pleased. I then decorated with the butterflies again but in pink this time.

Once again I was looking through a magazine and saw confetti cones. They looked so cute and I thought what a lovely idea. Once again the trusted cricut came out and I cut 60 confetti cones. I then put them through the cuttlebug machine but had to do it twice as they didn't fit! Then tied up with a pink ribbon the problem of what do I put them in. I tried to buy a basket but couldn't find one, then wow one popped up on ebay which was just right. I think the end result was great, and people loved it.

I have forgotten to say I also made all the bridesmaid dresses and jackets which was very stressful, I was still finding fault on the day but everyone else said they were great.

For myself the last make to share this time is a special one. When I got married my parents gave me a handmade satin horseshoe. I have had it safe for 32 years and copied it many times for friends. So for Natalie I gave the original one a face lift. I had to put new flowers and lace on but tried to keep as much of the old one as I could. I could have made a new one but this is like a family heirloom really.

I think this post needs an ending and I would like to share Natalie's makes. She did all her own flowers and the cake which was amazing. In fact the whole day was amazing and I hope you enjoy reading about all our work. Come back soon for the tutorial.

Wedding day makes........ a family effort!


  1. Love it all. What a truly creative family you have. I am in awe of all your gifted talents. Beautiful wedding picture, and I love the horseshoe. What a wonderful heirloom to pass down. Lovely post.

  2. Oh thanks there are some other bits but I'll have to put them in later lol
    It was a true labour of love

  3. Wow, you are a very talented lady :)

  4. What a busy and clever lady. Natalie obviously follows in your footateps. xx

  5. Thanks lyndylou and brigette it was a family effort for sure

  6. That was truly amazing, You must have spent countless hours making and creating but in the end it was all worth it. I love the ring pillow, you really did an amazing job. Natalie is very lucky to have a mom like you. I love my Cricut machine too, I made a lot of stuff for my wedding too and that was fun.

  7. Thanks Diane couldn't live with my cricut lolxx

  8. loving your blog, you worked so hard and everything was beautiful ! it was such a pleasure sharing the day with you all x Jacky

  9. Thanks jacky it was a wonderful day glad you could enjoy it with us xx

  10. That is all so beautiful! Congratulations!!

    1. Thank you nicole is was worth all the hard work


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