Monday, 7 November 2011

Empty nest blues

Empty nest blues is the song I am singing today ....... My youngest child moved out on Sunday and I must admit to feeling terribly sad. I am used to my daughter and her husband being around, as they lived next door in the granny apartment. It was nice to know they were close if I needed them and I was not as worried on being alone.

On Sunday she moved and she is now a 30 mile one way drive away,so daily contact is not going to happen.
I know its a good thing, I know its part of life but I am shocked at how sad I am. Her apartment seems so bare and cold, I can't face going out there for a few days.

When my oldest left home I also missed him but it was eased as I still had my daughter at home to cushion the blow. I know that it will get better as time goes past but its very hard.
I think I have cried buckets in the last two days, but I have to put on a brave front . I don't think they tell you that it will be so hard to have your youngest leave home.

I have spent the last 30 years being mum on a day to day and now I don't have that its really hard to think of your role in life. I know that I will always be their mum but I will miss the day to day looking after them.
Sad that I am I will even miss the washing!
So if anyone has any tips on coping with empty test blues I would love to hear from you as I need it!


  1. Oh Jilly!! I am not looking forward to this day either! My daughter is almost 20, and I expect next year she will move up to the 4 year university which is almost 45 minutes away. I am excited for her - like you said about your daughter - but I am very sad for me. She is my only child...and I am sad already thinking about it. There should be a club for empty nest mothers to gather and give support - and maybe make nice stiff drinks for each other! :o)

  2. You are. So right jennie it's a really hard time for mums and dads. I miss her very much and it's very hard not seeing them daily . I'm sure we will do ok but it may take time. Xxx


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