Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A baby at any cost?

A baby at any cost is something that is in the news today. On T.V today there was a lady who in her late 50's decided to have a baby. She was saying that while she loves her little girl, four years on she thinks it was the wrong choice to make.

I had my children young, my first at 23 and my second at age 28 and it was hard, but I am glad now. I am 53 and they are grown up now but I still feel fairly young. Maybe that's something more of my age we did have our families early because that is what was expected of you.

Today I think women do wait longer as many have careers to consider and I think that is fine.
I do not think it is right for women to have children in their fifties as they will miss so much of that child's life.
The lady that was on the programme is not with a partner either so what happens to that child if she passes away? I can understand the need to have a child but there has to be limits when it should not happen.
I think its wrong for both the woman and the child to have to face all kinds of problems as both get older.

My own parents had me late in life, my mother was 39 which for the late1950's was very different . I don't think it did me any harm, but I did lose her at age  63 sadly far too early.

I would be interested in your view on a baby at any cost and if you would consider having a baby later in life.


  1. oh my! I think if I got pregnant at this stage in my life - Im 43 - I would absolutely literally do myself in. I cannot imagine at all - and Im sure my husband would be REALLY freaked out. I like where we are in our lives at this age - I would not want to go backwards - and having a child at this age seems like going backwards. If I didnt have a child I might feel different - but I really think in your 40's and up and is just too old - for mom and for baby!

  2. I so Agree jennie. I'm 53 and I couldn't think what it would be nice to have a baby even if I could lol

  3. I'm 21 and with a baby now, and while many people my age feel it's "too young," I'm glad. My mother is 45 and I feel not only does she get to be in my life longer, she'll be with her grandaughter, too. Sure, I'll have to focus on my career later, but at least then I wouldn't have to take a break for maternity :)
    But I do agree that there can be an age too old to have children. Maybe one could instead adopt an older child, one with less of a chance of adoption, if you do long for a child. There could still be problems with that, but just trying to come up with an alternative :)

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  4. I agree with all you have said Lindsey Lee like you I was young when I started my family. Now they are grown up I'm only 53 and I am looking forward to grandkids.

  5. Part of me feels it's very selfish for someone in their 50's and 60's to have a baby. It's not fair on the child, for when they're in their teens, their parent is getting ready to retire. I definitely disagree with anyone over the age of 50 using IVF to get pregnant. I'm pretty sure there was a case of a woman who was single, aged nearly 60 and used IVF to conceive, had the baby, and then was diagnosed with some sort of life threatening disease, and died a year or so later. It's exhausting having children, and when you're that bit older, it must be so much harder to chase after a baby/toddler, then deal with them becoming teenagers. There's also the health risks of having a baby so late in life to consider.

    In saying that, my Gran was 36 when she had her first child in 1941, and was 41 when she had my dad in 1946, which was considered very old for that era. She raised all three of her children well, and was very healthy. She passed away aged 95.

    And also, years ago, it used to be acceptable for women to have children at as young as 13 and 14 which is now just FAR too young.

    I have ranted. Sorry! ;)

  6. I was 22 and 28 when I had my children (and am done thanks very much!) I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels the 2nd time and I am still young. Can't imagine doing this at 50 or 60 and how you would keep up with an active child like my second. There are so many older chldren that are waiting to be adopted maybe this would be better? Not that we can tell people what to do..but....

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