Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thinking slimmer

Thinking slimmer is not only what I want to be able to do but also a system I am very lucky to be helped by.

As they say first the facts

What is a Slimpod?Slimpods are a series of unique voice recordings which help people to achieve permanent weight loss. Unlike other methods of losing weight, there are no diets, no calorie counting and no willpower required. Slimpods have been developed by Harley Street experts and use modern approaches to the science of unconscious persuasion to gently retune the mind and adjust the way slimmers think about the world, especially in relation to food, health and fitness. Weight loss becomes simple and it’s easy. Slimpods cost £24.99 + VAT = £29.99. That's it, nothing more to pay.Slimpods have been used, studied and endorsed by Mr Gideon Felton, MRCPsych, a senior psychiatrist at one of London's leading hospitals. What do I have to do to lose weight?A Slimpod can be downloaded from the Thinking Slimmer website or bought from us on a CD. At first you listen to the recording for 10 minutes a day for 21 days in a row while the Slimpod begins to work with your mind and cause the weight loss changes you’ll soon begin to notice in your body. Many people listen when they go to bed and fall asleep listening – which is good, as the ears never sleep.

What do I do after 21 days?You keep listening to your Slimpod for as long and as often as it takes until you feel confident you're well on the way to achieving your weight loss goal. How long this takes depends on how much weight you want to lose. Some people keep listening every night while others find that “topping up” twice a week is enough –everyone is different. Just keep on going until you hit your slimming goal, however long it takes. If you have received a second Slimpod as a bonus - such as Keep Weight Loss Going or Keep Weight Off For Good - don't be in too much of a hurry to move on to it unless you are 100 per cent confident that the first Slimpod has completed its task. If you do move on to the next Slimpod and you feel it's not doing what you expect, please go back to your original Slimpod for another week or two. Sometimes it helps to move gradually on to a new Slimpod, say using it every other day for a few weeks, before making a permanent switch. 

Will I lose weight straight away?Everyone wants to lose weight quickly but it’s not a race. What we want you to achieve is permanent weight loss. Some of our slimmers start to lose weight almost immediately, while others take several weeks to start the process. One lady lost 18lbs in her first three weeks – and that was just the beginning. She’s now lost more than 36lbs. Our experience is that most people can lose up to 7lbs weight in 21 days but it is after four to five weeks that the biggest weight loss happens. The average weight loss in tests with a Slimpod is 16lbs over 10 weeks. What you probably WILL notice early on is a series of surprising differences in how much less you want to eat and how much more you want to do.

How does this differ from other weight loss methods?You’ll find that WordWeaving used on Slimpods is nothing like anything you may have seen on TV, films or the stage: there’s no sleep-like trance, no swinging pendulums, no funny voices or weird music. It’s just like listening to an old friend who has the uncanny ability to influence the way you feel about yourself, your attitude to food and how you look after your body. Weight loss just happens naturally and easily. The technique we use is very similar to one that the NHS recommends, called "mindfulness."
Slimpods have been used, studied and endorsed by Mr Gideon Felton, MRCPsych, a senior psychiatrist at one of London's leading hospitals.

Why are there so many different Slimpods?People have different reasons for losing weight, so each Slimpod has been tailor-made to help achieve a specific weight loss goal, whether it’s dropping a dress size, dropping two sizes or more, fitting into a wedding dress, losing baby fat or controlling middle age spread. We also have a Slimpod for men who want to lose their love handles and FitPods which make you want to exercise more, such as the Couch Potato Cure. The WordWeaving language we use in each Slimpod or FitPod has been crafted to achieve the desired results so it will not work on someone who has a different reason for slimming.
Why do I need to keep a success log while I'm slimming?
Everyone who has used the Thinking Slimmer method says the success log is an essential tool. Your unconscious mind is responsible for most of what youdo (or don’t do) every day. Completing your daily success log just before you listen to your Slimpod will accelerate the weight loss process by bringing to the attention of your mind the differences you want it to make. The more smallsuccesses you record the more there will be, as your mind shifts towards a state of permanent, positive change about your relationship to food. Slimming is about believing, not depriving yourself on a diet.

So I have been trying it for a while and I can't say its been totally smooth sailing but they are really helpful.
My history is that I had a gastric band and I was so full of hope that it was going to be the answer to my prayers. Sadly its not been that for me, even with me trying so hard.
These companies sell these bands without really informing people how many don't work. They paint a fantastic picture of weight loss and I remember being told that I would only be able to eat a tiny amount and I would be full. The answer to that was a big NO at least for me.
I feel that I have failed yet again and embarrassed as well, as I feel everyone is looking and thinking why am I not losing.

So this is a public message........ from 18th November I am taking back my life. I am getting help from the lovely people at Thinking slimmer and the Mutu system and I must be more positive. We have agreed that In one month from this date I will drop a dress size, and no one can say I am not going to try.

I have taken pictures and measurements and I will try and put a post on once a week but I don't want to focus on weight as I think it can cause added pressure.

So check out slimpods a t
.Wish me luck and keep coming back for updates


  1. Stopped by from 40 and over blog hop...
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    Hope you will come on over and take a look at my blog and see what you think...

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!! I am going to add you to my blog roll right now, because we have many things in common. I have recently lost 30 pounds on the HCG treating my hormones, my metabolism was stimulated. To date I have lost 30 pounds, and I completely understand your struggles. I really need to lose about 30 more, but I am putting things on hold until after Christmas. Also, my daughter (my best friend) recently moved to the other side of the world...literally..she now lives near Guam. It has been very difficult and I miss her terribly. I hope you will add my blog to your regular read. I am placing you on my list...right after this post. Have a beautiful day!

  3. Hi marianne and Pam nice to get your messages and I hope you wiling back often xx

  4. Thank you so much for folowing my blog. I'm now follower of yours. Like Pam, I have recently lost almost 30 pounds on the HCG diet. The slimmers sounds very interesting. Weight issues are such a pain in the caboodle, especially, the older we get! grrrr. I wish you lots of success!

  5. Hi there, I think it all sounds really positive and hope it works for you. I need to start a healthy eating/exercise regime myself...

  6. I found you on the blog hop and subscribed to GFC as masugr. I would love if you can stop by http://mywildcrazyworld and join me as well!

  7. Thank you darlene,pip and my crazy world
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