Sunday, 20 November 2011

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming and fast but it seems like its been nearly here for weeks. Not sure it is just my imagination but it seems to get earlier and earlier every year. Stores seem to have Christmas goods and advertisement is the shops just after summer.It must put huge pressure of parents with young children, and constant adverts for toys and games wouldn't help.

In saying that I love Christmas! I love all the lights and the gifts in fact I love it all. I really like to buy gifts for people and think its great when they open them and like what I have bought for them. If I have time I like to make things , they may not cost much but then they were made with love and care.

As a child I always had nice gifts but Christmas was always a bit lonely being the only child at home. In later years I had my niece and nephews which was so much fun.

This year I think is going to be busy but fun. We are joining up with my son and his wife and her lovely parents Lynne and George. Also my super son in law and daughter at their pub for Christmas lunch.
My children and there partners are such a joy everyday and I am so grateful that I have them around, i am very lucky.

I think we should also think of those alone at this time of year as loneliness is such a nasty thing. If you know someone who may be alone why not share the day with them and invite them to your Christmas lunch. I hope everyone has a fab Christmas and in the next few weeks I thought I would share some Christmas facts, fun and food. So come back soon
Christmas is coming ......... are you ready?


  1. Christmas is indeed fast approaching Jolly Jilly! Today one of our radio stations started playing a lot of Christmas carols. The picture with your post is so beautiful. I am glad you are going to spend it with your family. It is certainly a difficult time for those who are lonely. Take care and have a good week.

  2. Gosh even here in the Middle East shops have been stocking Christmas things for weeks. Loved but resisted the huge piles of chocolate snowmen, santas and gold foil covered rabbits in the hyerpmarket last night!

  3. Hi judy trait sure is coming fast lol hope you get to spend it with your family. We have an extra guest someone who would have been alone!
    Hi naviguesser you should have the chocolate lol


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