Thursday, 24 November 2011

Working visit

Working visit was the event of my week. My daughter and son in law has just took over a pub. It's a huge task but one they are meeting well. It needs plenty of TLC and the whole family has rolled up their sleeve and helped.
This week we were to help to put up the Christmas decorations.
We got a wonderful real tree and once all the bits was on it looked so fab. She wanted it all traditional in reds,green and gold. Once the log fire was light the while place looked so beautiful.
We did loads and worked so hard but I think it was worth while.
She is also asking for donations of a toy to wrap and put under the tree. They are then being given to local children who are in hospital.I think they are doing a great job!
Yes it was a working visit but a lovely visit.

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  1. A working visit but a lovely visit indeed! Happy Thanksgiving JollyJilly!


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