Monday, 21 November 2011

Winter walk

Winter walk is something I really enjoy. Now for most of you a little walk for a short while may seem silly but I have such huge problems with arthritis its hard for me. I get very depressed because in my mind I am still active, but in the real world I am not.
So Sunday was a good day and I got to walk with my husband to collect holly from a near by field. My daughter has a pub and she wants to decorate for Christmas. We found a lovely big holly tree and took some cuttings to use to decorate.
So today I also got out for a little walk which is great for me. The weather was dull and damp as we had a lot of fog the night before but I didn't care. It was peaceful and still and the leaves were falling off the trees like snow. Everywhere the light fluttering of the leaves was beautiful and I was glad that today was a good day, and I got to go out.

I am lucky I live in a beautiful place right out in the countryside. I was born in London and all my life I wanted to live in the countryside. Its just a twist of fate that when I get that wish I cant always enjoy it.
I love this time of year... the cold crisp days and being warm and safe at home. I am not a summer person so I look forward to autumn and winter even if to some I am strange.

So today my winter walk was great and I hope that there will be other good days for me to enjoy.


  1. Gorgeous pictures thank you for sharing them ! I too suffer with arthritis it can be difficult a t times , so sympathise with you. Hope you have many more good days ! X

  2. Thanks Jill. It's a nasty depressing condition but I keep smiling! Best if health to you

  3. Thanks Melissa it Is beautiful countryside

  4. Hi JollyJilly,
    I am glad you got to go for a nice walk despite having problems with arthritis. The pictures are lovely. I also live in the countryside. Love it! Take care and enjoy the rest of your Monday.

  5. Thanks judy I love the peaceful countryside everyday have a great week x

  6. What a beautiful countryside it is, too! I am happy you were able to get out and walk!
    I am blog hopping & following you from 99% weekday hop. Growing Old With Grace Hugs, GraceinAZ


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