Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping is something I'm getting ready for today. I've been up since 8 and waiting for everyone to get dressed and we off to the stores!!!! I'm dreading it in some ways as I know it's going to be busy. On the other side I'm excited as I get to spend time with my daughter. Since she moved out we don't get to spend much mother and daughter time. So to get a few hours with her is wonderful.
I'm lucky that I had a great relationship with my mum, who I adored. So to be close to my children is a fantastic gift.
So as I set off to brave the stores I'm remembering that this time of year is also about family and good friend both of which I'm lucky enough to have. It's also time to count your blessings and also it's not worth stress of how much money we spend or gift we buy.
I'm going to enjoy my day, I hope it's a perfect day for you also xx


  1. Hope that you have a lovely day together. Don't forget..lots of mince pie and coffee stops,and,a bowl of warm water waiting for you at home to soak those aching tootsies! xx

  2. Thanks brigitte think I've eaten too many mince pies already lol


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