Tuesday, 13 December 2011

What do I buy him?

What do I buy him is the question every birthday and Christmas .
My husband is the worse to buy for ! His only hobby is sea fishing and what with work and the weather he does not get to do that often . So I really never know what I can buy him.
He is also the worse for never using what you do buy him! In fact last year I got him some shirts nice I thought, have they ever been out of the packet .... No
So when ever I have to buy a gift I'm at a loss as to what to get him.
I'm sure I'll find something in the end, but it gets harder each year.
I wonder if this is a common problem and is it just related to men? Love to hear if your having a what do I buy him fight. Also love to hear what ideas you have! Xx

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  1. definitely harder each year i'd say, it's my husbands birthday this week too and i have absolutely no idea what to get him!!!! i have bought pletny of presents in the past that have either stayed in the wardrobe or ended up on ebay a few months later!!! i'm hoping that ancestry.co.uk wil keep him busy this year not a great present to wrap though!!! happy shopping i feel your pain!!!lol


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