Thursday, 5 January 2012

Mesothelioma information and guest post

Mesothelioma is not something I was very aware of. I was recently contact by a lady called Heather regarding my blog. I was a little unsure at first but decided to check out her blog and read her story.
I was very touched by her story of the journey she had with Mesothelioma and her family.
I thought it would be wonderful to raise awareness of this condition, so I have asked her to write a guest post which you can read below.
I am also sharing a link so you can go and read her blog for yourself, I really hope you do and can also share the link with your followers.

Before, my friends would have described me as an eternal optimist, the glass half-full type of person. There was just never a day that got me down. Never, that is, until that fateful day when at age 36, I was diagnosed with cancer. Life was good until that moment. I had delivered a beautiful, healthy girl just three and a half months earlier and the possibilities of life seemed boundless.

No one ever forgets the day. The diagnosis came on a cold, winter morning. It was the 21st day of November in 2005. One minute, I’m in the prime of my life with a new baby and then three words, “You have cancer” shatter my idyllic existence. I didn’t hear much after that. I didn’t even register the fact that the specific cancer was malignant pleural
mesothelioma until several hours later.

After the diagnosis, the choices come hard and fast. I could give up, wallow in self-pity and cry to the Almighty that life was unfair. Not me. I found my rose-colored glasses, put them on and stared down the deadly specter. I would fight for my life and for the opportunity to see my little girl grow up and get married.

There is very little good in a cancer diagnosis but it does reorder the priorities of your life. You instinctively find the true values; being with your family and friends, living for the simple joys and even helping complete strangers who find themselves in the same situation. Whatever the reason, I chose to live life to the fullest and to encourage others diagnosed with mesothelioma to do the same.

mesothelioma treatment began with a consultation with a leading specialist on the disease. He was an incredible person who gave me hope from the beginning. He indicated that surgery was the only option and that my lung would have to go. The surgery was scheduled for Groundhog Day in the first week of February 2006. The doctor got a kick out my naming the tumor, Phil and renaming the day, LungLeavin’ Day.

Life has been good since then and I am still here. Every February, we celebrate LungLeavin’ Day. It is a celebration about conquering fear and making the best of a horrible situation and, yes, it is about celebrating life.

It is also a celebration of hope. I have met so many wonderful people throughout this ordeal. Amazing people, tough and passionate, both patients and caregivers, who have helped me through the most difficult times. I hope I have returned the favor, once or twice

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