Sunday, 8 January 2012

Chronic pain

Chronic pain is something that if you suffer with, you will know how it can rule your life.
My Chronic pain started when I was really young. I was around 23 when I got a wrist injury. From then on I was never totally free from pain.
Over the years it got worse as I got older, I learnt to live with it. The next step was to lose 66 pounds which really helped me to cope.
Then one day I bent to get something and my back went out! I had to stop all the fitness stuff I did and slowly the weight piled on. This in turn made the back worse and the cycle started spinning around and around.

The older I got the harder it has become! These days I am constantly trying to lose weight and fighting the pain. I am a very upbeat person so I tend to cover up my feelings. I never really let people know how hard life can be for me at times..
Chronic pain can be depressing and also isolating . You can feel like you are alone, and no one really understands. You don't like to keep on saying how much pain you have, so you put on a brave face.
Because I am over weight medical professionals and even friends at times, think its because of the extra weight.

So I am going to fight on! I am eating well and healthy and doing my small amounts of fitness when I can.
I will smile and not let it get me down!
So remember if you know someone life me let them know you care. We don't want to be boring or sad we just want to live!


  1. hi,as a fellow pained person I totally understand.its completely something that takes over your life.And no one without pain can understand.And of course it does stop that keep fit regime that so many it can be hard to find anything to feel good about.painkillers take the edge off but they dont help that much.sorry you have to grin and bear it but you are right that people dont want to hear you talk about how you really are feeling.I am sorry you have no surgical procedure to help.I have just had a hip replacement and for the first time in 5 years I can feel no pain in that hip.there is pain in other places but the bad hip has become the good hip.

  2. I understand completely. I live with chronic pain, too, and I have been trying to figure out the balance between exercise and pain. It's so frustrating! Keep eating well and thinking positively. I'm cheering for you!

  3. Thank you Karen it's not good you have pain but it is good to hear from you. I'm cheering for you also
    And anon I'm glad you are feeling pain free how wonderful for you I'm so pleased .

  4. jilly the hospital I work at has a pain management programme, patients come from all over the UK..even Scotland. The Royal Nationl Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases is a centre of excellence for chronic Pain, Complex Regional Pain, CFS..Come and vist us in Bath..on the NHS!!

  5. Thanks Karen I will have to speak to my gp. Good excuse for a visit and maybe tea and cake with you!

  6. Simon Smith-Wilson10 January 2012 at 18:17

    A really good and honest blog. I have been in pain all my life, as I have a nerve problem in my spine. I used to be a professional martial artist and trained five+ hours a day, which meant I was always in pain. When I ripped my knee ligament a few years ago the pain increased, as I lost all my muscles, which sort of helped to support my back. Living in pain is a horrible thing. I am lucky in the sense that my pain can be treated through lots of stretching and training, but I too am never free of pain.

  7. Thank you Simon it was an honest post . I'm sorry that you suffer as well but I'm glad you can control it somewhat. We are alive and fighting lol


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