Sunday, 15 January 2012

What could you not live without?

What could you not live without? I was asked this question recently to name 5 items (not people) I could not live without. So here is my list

1. My Computer

I love my computer! We did not get our first one until I was in my late 30's but I think I must have been in my late 40's before I really used it. My son was addicted right from the start and later when on to make a career of it. I slowly built a long long of internet friends and later more on twitter. The last year my niece Emma said I should start a blog. I had no idea why someone would do this but I let her get me started. Took a while but I did get into it and really enjoy writing and even more enjoy people reading it.
I would be lost with my computer.

2. The Television

I love my television as I am on my own a fair amount, and its company for me. I like to hear voices even I am not watching. I think I can learn a great deal from it a well.
I would be totally lost without my television.

3. My i phone

My i phone is a huge part of my day. I can keep up with the internet or my blog. I can text and all kinds of other useful things. When I first got it I nearly threw it away, but I battled on and now I could not manage without it.

4. My dishwasher

My dishwasher is great. I love how clean things come out. Mind you we still fight about taking things out and putting them away!

5. My tens machine

My tens machine is a god send to me. If you read other earlier blog posts you will know I suffer with chronic pain. My tens machine helps to control the pain without having to take tablets, which is great.
It is a must for me and it make the day a little easier


  1. The computer and TV are must-haves for me, too. I COULD live without them, but it sure would be difficult. I also have a chronic pain issue, and sometimes the TV and computer have literally been life-lines to the outside world for me.

  2. I so agree karen when you have chronic pain and I fully understand as I do as well. The TV and computer are a life line
    Hope you are well


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