Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Family Memories

Family Memories is not what I was thinking of writing today! I was looking for my old lap top connectors which seems to have gone missing!!! So I was on the floor of my craft room, under the table climbing through all the "stuff" that I really need but never use!!! to find this item.

Then I came across a bag with all the old family photo's and got to looking and remembering times past.
I came across this picture of myself and my cousin Pat, taken in 1968 at her wedding.

I was 10 and the dresses were made by my mother. I am the baby of the group as my brother is 10 years older and my cousins a bit more than that. I loved to be with Pat as I really looked up to  her. She was so pretty and had beautiful clothes, I just loved to go shopping with her. We would buy really pretty clothes but she would say "don't tell Terry how much" that being her husband lol. She would curl my hair and paint my nails and I always felt really like a girl with her. I had a lovely childhood but It was lonely at times. I didn't have many friends early on and was bullied for most of my school life.
Time spent with Pat and later my dear sister in law also Pat, was an escape for me.

I was bridesmaid three times altogether with Pats first , then my brother early next year and then Pat's brother Brian last. I felt like a special princess with all the weddings and very very important.

We never see as much of our families as we would like, and time marches on so fast. It only take a second looking at pictures like this to bring it back
So I will finish by saying I never did find the wires I needed lol but I did find some old family memories to bring a smile to the day!


  1. I love it when family memories turn up at the least expected time and in the least expected places. It's like a surprise gift you never expected! I love the picture!

    I'm visiting from a blog list. So glad I found you! I'm following now. Would you be willing to do the same?

  2. Hi Americas NTM nice to meet you. Was not planning on looking at old picture, but had fun anyway

  3. I could spend hours combing through old pictures!

  4. me too they bring back all kinds of memories and you can re connect with those they may have passed away. I think its sweet

  5. Old pictures take me way way back and I loose control on time. This is such a lovely post.

    your newest follower from the hop. you can find me at

  6. Lovely post. It reminded me of the time I was helping my parents to move house. I was asked to pack up the contents of some cupboards and found a mountain of family photos. I became completely lost in them and needless to say was hardly any help to my parents at all!

  7. How fun!! I adore looking at old photos!! thanks for following I'm now following back! !


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