Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Winter in the UK

Winter in the UK has been a little delayed this year. Last year we had masses of snow in November, so this year we tried to be prepared .  I am sure that those of you in countries where you have load and loads of heavy snow, will think we are rather silly! Every year Britain nearly folds under the wait of snow. Roads get shut, schools get shut and trains stop running, everyone goes into panic mode.

So Christmas came and went and no snow, and we were beginning to think that we would not get any this year. Then this week it got colder and colder and the treat of snow was being mentioned.
So on Saturday night the south East of England were I live, got the snow. For us it was heavy around 8-12 inches were I live. I do like snow its very pretty but when it turns to ice it is a nightmare.
So not more snow but still loads to melt, so I am staying in the warm. Hope were you are is warm and safe.


  1. I'm English too and I remember well those winters where 1" of snow had the capacity to bring the country to a complete standstill.
    I live in the Scottish highlands now and now I know what snow reeeeeeally is lol. The funny thing is that 2ft of the stuff does not stop the roads from being accessible and life still goes on as normal whenever possible.
    Not had any snow at all here yet though, in fact we've got blue sky, sun and mild temperatures during the day. Not that I'm rubbing it in or anything lol.
    This weather is all screwed up nowadays.


  2. Simon Smith-Wilson7 February 2012 at 15:04

    I am actually jealous! I love the snow. My airedale loves the snow. It is the only time she is actually good on her walks, lol. So, I welcome the snow, as I get stress free dog walks for a week, but it hasn't made it this far south.

  3. Hi linda I know what you mean about the snow in the uk, its funny but it happens every year lol. The weather is all over the place i agree
    Hi simon it did get even deeper than when this picture was taken lol. Never say never winter isnt over yet lol


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