Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines day

Happy Valentines day!  I know many people say this day is just for shops to sell loads of stuff or cards, and it is too commercial . I think its a good excuse to tell someone you love them. I don't mean just your partner in love, it could be your children or even your pet!

I have been with my husband 33 years so romance is not high on his list. He used to be very romantic and Valentines day was always filled with flowers and love. I think over the years that has slipped which is a shame as every girl likes to have some romance. Strange that us women love to be told how special we are and showed with love and affection. Men on the other hand in general could not care less, or rather just do not think of it.

I do love my husband and I think after all that time, its a think that needs a pat on the back!
I hope its a Happy valentines day whoever you are with and you get some romance. If not then do what I am going to do...... make a huge cup of tea and relax.

ps my husband got me a lovely addition to my craft collection so thank you kevin and  I love you xx


  1. Is that you Jill as a beautiful blushing bride? It's true...most men see Valentine's Day as a bit of a chore. They have to go out, buy a card, choose some flowers etc ...and have to do it all by themselves!I think that the true meaning of the day has been lost in all of the commercialism and hype.I couldn't believe an ad in our local freebie paper from an estate agent wishing everyone a happy Valentine's day and written underneath...why not treat your love to a new home!! Have a lovely day Jill. xx

  2. Hi brigitte yes I totally agree I do think the true meaning has been lost. And yes that is me in the picture as a very young 20 yr old lol

  3. Beautiful picture!! It is SO hard to keep the romance alive in a marriage. Especially with kids! Good grief :/

    I know my husband loves me and I love him very much too. I just wish he looked at me like he did in the beginning, pursued me that way. I suppose the trade off for that is the total security and friendship that grows over time.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Ahh that's lovely!! Lovely picture too - Karen

  5. Thanks very much. I also wished he looked at me with those 21 year old eyes again lol


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