Wednesday, 15 February 2012

SoleMate'zz Review

SoleMate'zz is an excellent product which I was lucky enough to try out. I have lots of problems with pain and when I received this product I was excited. This is a little about the socks.

SoleMate'zz Technology
Our extensive industry experience and years of innovative research has allowed us to develop the ultimate in high performance sock technology.
The unique 3 Layer Regenactiv System combines with our seam free technology to deliver a revelation in foot care.
Layer 1 Chitosan
This layer in direct contact with your skin is made from Chitosan, a naturally occurring derivative of sea crustaceans which naturally regenerate their shells. This state-of-the-art material can:
Stimulate skin tissue regeneration
Facilitate faster recovery from Athletes Foot, Blisters, Rashes, Eczema, Dermatitis and many other foot related conditions
Antimicrobial properties protect feet against reinfection
Nourish the skin with vitamins, minerals and proteins
Prohibit the growth of bacteria
Absorb moisture
Relieve itching or sore feet
Ensure your skin remains smooth and firm
Layer 2 Silver Ions (Body Fresh)
Silver has been known to have antibacterial properties since ancient times.
This layer will help:
Eliminate bacteria, reduce foot odour and keep feet deodorised
Keep the skin at a constant temperature
Improve blood circulation
Layer 3 Polyamide
Polyamide is a multichannel asymmetric thread which prevents compaction allowing space between fibres. These spaces enhance evaporation by sweat and improve ventilation and breathability.
All our SoleMate'zz Socks incorporate seam free technology which gives a smoother fit without ridges, providing ultra comfort and preventing irritating rubbing and pressure sores. Anti wrinkle uppers and bridge support prevent movement and bunching.
SoleMate'zz Socks are suitable for Diabetics.
The Comfizz SoleMate'zz are a natural, environmentally aware solution for sensitive and problematic feet and lower legs. Chitosan is 100% sustainable and SoleMate'zz Socks are non toxic and free from chemicals and toxins.
 Soft comfort top, loose knit, non binding to prevent pressure marks.
 Areas with higher wear have been reinforced for better durability and the sole of the sock has extra padding for maximum comfort.
 Ultra light weave fabric to reduce wrinkling on foot movement and to provide extra comfort reducing creasing & wrinkling.
 Flexible band prevents movement of the socks and protects against rubbing, binding & bunching.
 Flat seam construction with no knots or raised stitching preventing irritating ridges reducing the risk of pressure sores.

I have been wearing mine now for a little while and I really love them.
They are warm and  comfortable and because they do not have seams, there is no
rubbing which is great. I have noticed my foot pain is better when I am wearing them which for me is great. I would say you need to buy more than one pair as you will want to wear them all the time. They come in black and white and for men and women so I think you should give them a try. Check out soleMate'zz


Please note I did not receive any payment for this review only a sample of the product.

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