Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My pet is sick!

My pet is sick!  I had thought she may be unwell for a few weeks but also was thinking it was old age as she is 15. I love both my cats but cefer cat and I have a special bond. I spend a lot of time alone and she is such company and a comfort. If you don't have a pet you will be thinking I am mad but if you do you will understand.

She is always ready for a cuddle and always pleased to see me when I come home.
So today my husband took her to the vet and the news come, she needed a biopsy as she had a lump in her mouth. I did not take the news well, as I have already lost a cat to cancer. In fact I cried as she is so special to me.

So I am waiting..... the vet will ring at 3pm with any news . So please keep your fingers crossed for me and cefer and lets hope I can tell you good news later today.

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