Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How safe are our children?

How safe are our children? This I think is something that every parent worries about at some time.
No matter how young or old they are , their safety is always in your mind.

Today in the UK the newspapers and television carried a tragic story. A little girl skipping around a store, happy as anything! Seconds later she was sunned down, and paralysed for life.
Rival gangs had run into the store, and she got mixed up in the chaos and was shot.

Crime such as this is not something thankfully, that we hear a huge amount in the UK. However, this story reminds us all that it is just around any corner.

The strange thing was I had a conversation just a few days earlier with my own son.
He is in the computer industry and we had a long talk about when he has a family, and how he will worry about how safe they are.

When he was younger I didn't have to worry so much as we did not have Internet. He did not even get a mobile until he was 15. Can you imagine telling a 15 yr old today that they couldn't get a mobile lol
I did worry about my children like any other parent but I think that's true what ever age they are.

I told him that you have to put certain limits in place, and hope that is enough to keep them safe. You protect them but cant wrap them up in cotton wool. I am lucky as both my children were sensible and so I trusted them.
As an older parent I am not sure I could give a  young parent advice. I think everyone is different and you should trust the limits you set.
You never stop worrying even when they are grown up. My mother always said, that no matter how old I was I would always be her baby. That is so true!

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