Thursday, 29 March 2012

Osmond's Live

Osmond's Live wow the event was on Saturday and I had so much fun!
We arrived early and sat in the car for a bit. We were parked near the stage door. Loads of women were lined up waiting for the Osmond's to arrive. We decided not to wait as it was rather chilly and went on inside to find our seats.
The whole place was so busy and even if the average age was 50+ everyone was up for fun.
I had gone with my daughter Natalie who has been to Osmond's concert with me before. She is great fun to take to anything like this, she is always full of energy and we laugh a great deal.

We found our seats which were really close to the front centre stage, so an excellent view.
The mix of ages was great and there were older people as will as young. It struck me how great that so many generations can enjoy the Osmond's music.

The show was wonderful full of a mix of old and new songs. Everyone was up dancing and enjoying the fun.It did have a touch of sadness as Alan was unable to come due to his MS and Wayne had a stroke just before leaving to come over to the UK. I have heard that both are doing well, which is great.

All to soon it was over! The last time I will see The Osmond's on stage which is very sad. I do wish them well and hope they get to relax. Thanks for all the memories and fun and hope you can kick back now, and smell the flowers.


  1. What a fun time with your daughter. Glad you both had a good time.

    1. Thanks CW we did have a great time its so nice to enjoy this with my daughter so many years after I first became a fan


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