Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Diet and Life

Diet and life ...... well that's a full subject. I am nearly 54 and I think I had spent most of my life worrying about my weight. I have had times in my life when I have been very thin and a lot larger. I have put a huge amount of time and money I guess into weight loss, or not!
I have tried every diet and fitness programme known to man. Some have been successful and some not.

My daughter often tells me to relax and not worry so much, but its hard to change a habit of a life time.
Plus for me it goes beyond how I look now, its more about comfort and health. I have a few health problems which are made worse by carrying too much weight. I hate the way I look and feel and it really does effect my self confidence.

I tend to dread summer as you have to uncover yourself from the lovely protective coat. I constantly worry I will have bulging bits popping out all over. I hate to think that people think of me as " that fat lady", as I am much much more.

I even had a gastric band 2 years ago which did not work. All it did was reinforce my sense of failing and knock my confidence even more. I felt embrassed and sad and unhappy.
A few months back I was given the chance to try a new system called a slimpod. In simple terms its a download that you listen too everyday. The guy who does the talking is called Trevor and his gentle, relaxing voice is a dream.

The main point of this is to stop trying to diet and make simple changes to your life style. I found myself more relaxed and not so stressed. I still have to watch what I eat and recently being trying a simple 123 diet which seems to be working. So I am not putting pressure on myself to lose 100 pounds by July, more a slow pace steady weight loss. I must be doing the right thing because I have lost 21 pounds since Christmas!

So do not put too hard a course on your diet, relax try the slimpod and and take your time.
I will let you know of my progress at the end of every month and if you are trying to lose some weight also, I would love to hear from you.


  1. The constant yo yo of dieting can get very discouraging! My husband and I have been on the HCG plan for nearly a year. I lost 35 lbs and he lost twice that. We still have a ways to go. Maintenance is the tough part!

  2. Hi Karen you are so right but it's hard to stop! Now it's more about my health than looks , although a smaller dress size is nice lol. Best of luck with your journey

  3. Your post touched me deeply! So honest and real.... I'm so happy for your success! Small changes truly do add up. I am a new follower from Take It From Me. If you get the chance please visit me over at My page happens to focus on health :)

  4. Thank you krista you are so right about small changes. I'm now following you back

  5. Good luck. I figure its all about little steps. Also don't forget to find the beauty in yourself no matter how the diet is going.

  6. Thanks Jessica I shall do just that

  7. Diet and exercise has always been a constant battle for me as well. I am so irritated with how inconsistent I can be about it all, when others seem to be so good at managing themselves. But, I haven't given up. I'm going to continue to try to do as well as I can and hope for the best. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. I know just how you feel . if it wasn't for health reasons I would give up lol

  8. Congratulations :) I too am a slimpodder and have lost almost 40lbs in 6 months. looking forward to reading your monthly updates


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