Monday, 21 May 2012

Fancy dress Memories

This is a picture of my two children when they were small. We always went to holiday parks when they were small, and always took part in the fancy dress contest. This year they went as famous UK celebrities that were around at that time. Matthew went as famous UK boxer, Frank Bruno and at that time he was in an advertisement for a brown sauce! And Natalie went as Anneka Rice who was on T.v at the time. They did not win but I think they look great !


  1. These are awesomely creative! Great costumes!

    1. Thank you the body paint took ages and many baths to get rid of it lol

    2. I am on a train and trying to follow but the link isn't working. I will try later. Great post...I so agree with you. I also ALWAYS worry about my weight and have also come to the conclusion that it is life decisions and not dieting - eating smarter, trying to exercise, using moderation. I am losing weight slowly but am happier than when I diet. Good luck to you. Hope to visit again soon and try following again (actually I'll try one more time after posting as well...maybe it will work).

    3. Hi meryl hope you got home ok! I agree with you and losing slowly is the right way to go. Best of luck with your weight loss


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