Sunday, 6 May 2012


Dreams can be two things. One is something you do when you sleep and the other is something you may hold dear in your heart.
When we are younger we have all kinds of dreams and most will proBerly never happen. I think my dream of being country and western star is not going to happen now. And the dream to be Mrs Donny Osmond ...... well you never know.

As a child I so wanted to be a singer. I was shy and never had the voice or confidence really, but I still practiced and dreamed. I used to leave my mother notes every christmas and birthday asking for singing lessons. People from my era and from working class backround, did not have singing lessons. My parents choose to just ignor it and I did really break my heart.

When I found out my daughter Natalie could sing, it was wonderful. Not only was I deeply proud of her I also got to live my dream through her. Dont get me wrong I was not pushy, but I did watch her sing and it made it ok I never got the dream myself.
The same goes for dancing, I always wanted to but with a weight problem I could not get the confidence to do so. Natalie and her brother Matthew were great dancers, and it gave me such joy to watch them.

I would have loved to be part of a big happy family, and I always wanted more brothers and sisters. My sister in law pat became a big sis to me, and I spent many happy hours with her and my niece and nephew. I wish I could have big christmas parties like in the movies , were everyone is happy and having fun. So I guess another dream would be that, and to have my dear parents and other long past over family member there as well.

I don't have many dreams these days. I would like my health back as it stops me from doing much but apart from that I am ok. I am thinking to the future and trying to make sure I enjoy the latter years of my life. Trying not to stress and to relax.... not always easy these days

So dream on my friends and I hope they all come true xxx


  1. Yep, dreams are an important to one's life. Ya gotta have to dream to make things happen. Often time the most creative things come to me though dreams.

    ....and sometimes...just sometimes, our dreams...they really do come true!!! Woohoo!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a magnificent week filled with sweet, sweet dreams! :o)

    1. Thank you nezzy you are so right! I love your comments cxx


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