Saturday, 19 May 2012

Forces Tribute to the Queen

Forces Tribute to the Queen is what I am many other sat to watch today. Celebrating her diamond jubilee, its the first of many events to mark this amazing landmark.

The Queen for 70 years has always had a very special relationship with her troops. She has a deep interest in the forces, and their families. I do think the affection is returned from them, as she represents all they stand for.

So the day started grey and misty, but as the some 20,000 people arrived the sun came out.

The town of Windsor looked wonderful with the Castle taking centre stage. Windsor Castle is in fact the oldest occupied castle in the world, and it had its best to show today.
I smiled to see a tiny girl sitting on her dad's shoulders, waving her flag she looked so excited.
The troops headed by the Royal Navy matched in closely followed by the Army and Air force. As they passed the Queen it was eyes right! Perfect arms in motion, evidence of hours of practise I am sure.

The parade then went on the long march of 1/2 mile to the arena. The sound of bagpipes and 20,000 people cheering and waving flags. As the troops entered the area it must have been a proud moment for the families and friends.
3,000 strong group of people. All lined up , perfectly straight for the Queen. Medals shining in the sun.
Then they performed the Drum Head Service, which is used in the field of battle. Drums are placed on top of each other to form an altar . Laying down the colours (the flag) to finish the effect.
Then the Queen arrived waving and looking happy. She was wearing a beautiful turquoise coat with purple accents, she always looks wonderful.

She was greeted by a fanfare and the Royal salute. The service then took place with messages of support also added. In the Queens speech she talked of how she cared for her troops and families and as she finished three cheers went up.

 And then the bands played again. What a wonderful sound, added to by a choir the sound swelled up into the air.
As the fly past went over the Queen was delighted by their formations of the number 60 and ER , it was such a great show of skill.
I felt very proud to be British, and with Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory, the event was almost complete.

They finished with a fly past by the Red arrows display team, flying in a diamond formation, with red,white and blue smoke.

All in all it was very stirring! A wonderful forces tribute to the Queen on her diamond jubilee.
And no rain!

 Images from the BBC


  1. Ecellent piece of writting Jill. Could alsmost imagine myself there! Thank you for taking the time to write this blogg, It showed in great depth what i have missed and what i am going to miss first hand x x x Leese.

    1. Thank you leese I enjoyed watching and writing xxx

  2. Replies
    1. thanks pip.Its not normally my kind of thing with all the forces marching but It was fun to watch. I think us Brits do this kind of thing rather well lol

  3. Thanks for the glimpse into your celebration.

    1. hi mary how nice to hear from you. It was fun to watch and made you proud to be British

  4. Aww I love bagpipes! The Queen always has impeccable style, doesn't she? :)

  5. Me 2 Catherine I would like some of her clothes lol


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