Saturday, 16 June 2012

Review of Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close


I was lucky to be asked to review Extremely Loud  & Incredibly Close this week. Adapted from a book by Jonathan Safran Foer, it follows the story of Oskar Schell. A wonderfully bright, inventive eleven-year-old from New York.

Oskar discovers a key in the belongings of his father, who has died in the World Trade Centre on 9/11.
He sets out on an urgent search for the lock it opens. Osker travels all over New York meeting a huge mix of people along the way .Even a long lost grandfather. They in turn help him to uncover links to his father, who was his whole world.

This movie was sad at times and I admit I cried but it was also so touching and sweet. It brought home the terrible loss of life in 9/11. The message from the movie was so powerful and strong, and for me really made the whole 9/11 and its impact  come to life.
A wonderful cast with Tom Hanks , Sandra Bullock and the talented young actor in the role of Oskar, Thomas Horn, who I am sure we will be seeing much more of in the future. The whole cast were wonderful and I really could not fault any of the acting at all.

A beautiful movie set with the backdrop of New York. Although fairly sad at times, it also has a really lovely uplifting message running through the whole film. I think the whole family could enjoy it as although the subject is very serious, it also has such a lovely message.
I loved it and feel it could so be a classic movie of the future.
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Please note I was not paid for the review only receiving the DVD


  1. Aww that film looks so sad! I do love Tom Hanks, though, so I think I'll give it a watch :)

  2. Hi Catherine it was sad but really sweet and uplifting I'm sure you will love it !

  3. I want to see this! Thanks for the review--good to know a little more about it. I also got the book from the library last week, so I want to read it too :)

    1. It really was a good movie meredith i hope you enjoy it

  4. Sounds really good, will have to take a look. Tom Hanks is great!

  5. It was a really sweet and touching movie. Proper tear jerker

  6. We almost rented this the other night and ended up renting Machine Gun Preacher. Argh... I so should've stayed with this one. They both were heavy movies but this one looks really good. I will for sure rent it and just prepare for the waterworks ;)

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