Saturday, 23 June 2012

OMG I'm a parent!

OMG I'm a parent! I bet those among us that have children, have thought this and maybe more than once.
Its been a while since I was a first time parent. I remember that overwhelming feeling of responsibility. This tiny life to take care off and yes I admit boy was I scared.

No amount of books or classes can prepare you for the task ahead. Its worth it I think the first time your baby smiles or speaks, or just looks into your face. Its so amazing!
I was lucky to have my mother to ask for help. However, when my daughter was born my mother got really sick, so I did not want to worry her. It must be so hard if you don't have someone you can ask advice from.
I have had 31 years of being a parent, and there are so many events, good and bad. I've done the sleepless nights, toilet training, not eating and head lice!!! I've had school battles and also lots of fun. So I'm thinking I'll share!
I know times have changed but a baby is a baby, no matter the year they were born.
I think any advice I would give a new parent is , Relax and you will be fine. Babies are mostly tough and they will grown if you care and more importantly love them.
Its all too easy to feel cut off and lonely so parent classes are not only a way to learn more, a great way to meet new friends. In fact try and join a mother and babies club after the baby arrives. Talking to other mums can be a great stress reliever and often they will have had problems like you.
Its all too easy to feel cut off and lonely. Worse if you are used to working. I was lucky, I found an adult education college. They had a nursery so I could leave my son for a couple of hours and enjoy a class.
I think he enjoyed being with other kids, and I enjoyed using my brain!
Thankfully both mine grew into wonderful adults, so I think I did ok. So this is the start maybe next time, I will talk bout the sleepless nights, and how I finally got them to sleep!
Enjoy them before you know it they are grown and you wonder were all the time went!

When you have brought up kids,
there are memories you store directly in your tear ducts.
- Robert Brault


  1. Aw! What a great post! My oldest is 19 months and I find myself looking back and his newborn pictures! I REALLY miss holding and cuddling with him! All he wants to now now is run around and play... and get into mischief! :p


    1. thank you shar they really grow up so fast it amazes me. My oldest in the picture with his sister on her wedding day is 31 this year and she is 26!!!!!

  2. Ah this made my heart warm lovely post to read, smile on my face. The things I used to put my mum through! Head lice section made the giggle, the memories of the nit comb... Nightmares!!! X

    1. Thank you Emma it's not always easy being a parent but worth every second even head lice lol

  3. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy this stage, however tough it may be--you are right it goes so fast!

    1. so true it does fly I would change a thing

  4. Hi! Following from Mom Blog Monday! Look forward to reading more! Would appreciate the follow back!

    1. hi kat thanks for following and have returned the favour


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