Thursday, 5 July 2012

Women drivers: how to stay safe in car parks

Women drivers: how to stay safe in car parks is a subject I found today and thought I would share it with you.

While driving brings about a great deal of freedom, it can also introduce an added element of worry for women driving alone, who might feel in danger. As with most areas of personal safety, the key to reducing risk lies in raising our awareness of the dangers and taking steps to avoid situations that could invite trouble.

While it may be tempting to relax as soon as you turn off the engine, it is advisable to remain vigilant in places such as car parks. Here are some things to be aware of and advice about how to stay safe.

Arriving at a car park

Take some time to think through your choice of parking spot. You might want to put your car in a distant corner, because the trees there offer shade, or you really don’t like reversing into a tight space. But be aware that isolated parking spots are more attractive to thieves.

Before leaving your car

Think about your day. Will it be dark by time you return? Will you feel safe when most of the other cars have gone? If it’s impossible for you to park nearer the entrance or in a busier spot, then consider choosing another car park, or at least think about asking a friend or colleague to walk with you on your return.

Returning to the car park
Being aware is the first step to staying safe, so take the time to look at who is hanging around, and where there are blind spots between you and your car. Make sure your keys are ready in your hand so you can open the car door quickly if you need to, rather than searching through your handbag.

As you approach your car, pay attention to any vehicle parked next to yours, to see if there is anybody inside. If you feel unsafe at any point, walk away and come back later with a friend.

Entering your car

When you enter your car, lock the doors immediately. Multi-tasking is a great skill that women are quite rightly famed for, but this is not the time to get distracted by sorting through shopping, applying make-up, etc.

Keep your valuables out of sight. Handbags and phones sitting on the seat next to you could be tempting to opportunist thieves.

Breaking down

If you have a breakdown in a car park, keep all doors locked and phone your breakdown service. You should always aim to have a charged mobile phone with you for this purpose – you can buy in-car chargers. 

Make sure your breakdown cover is kept up to date. Better yet, keep your car well-maintained to lower the likelihood of this kind of situation from occurring.

Stay aware and stay safe as you enter and leave your car. And make sure you have a
car insurance policy that meets all your needs.

Author Bio:

Kath Morgan writes about a whole host of motoring topics, including family travel, car insurance and safety concerns. An avid traveller, she spent many years living abroad and understands the lure of the open road only too well.


  1. These are great reminders, especially the one about multi-tasking. UGH!!! I'm terrible about that.

    I found you on Tough Cookie Mommy's Monday Mingle. I'm at Would love to have you over there :)

    1. Hi I think woman multi task rather well lol I'm often doing one thing and another st the same time!

  2. nice post

    1. Thank you I thought it was interesting myself and something as woman we should think about . Mind you it should apply to meen also !

  3. Very good reminders! Thanks for sharing.


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