Monday, 2 July 2012

Broken bones........ or not!

Broken bones ...... or not! This is the question of the week this week. Last week was one of hospital visits for us. Last year just before her wedding my daughter Natalie had a bad fall. It was a simple silly trip, but hey they are often the one's that do the most damage.

She just tripped over the metal bar across a door edge. She fell with all her weight on the front of her lower leg. Within seconds it had swelled up and she was crying with the pain. I told her she needed to go to the emergency room straight away, but she said she would prefer to go to our family doctor.

When she did they told her that it was just badly bruised and not broken as she could still walk. So time slipped past, she had a beautiful wedding and a beautiful honeymoon. The swelling went down but she was still in terrible pain. So physio followed and then stress fracture was mentioned. She was told that it would be a long programe of treatments .

At last she was sent for bone scans and last week the results were in! She had broken it and fairly badly. Because it had been left it had healed badly and had an alarming bend to a bone that should have been straight. So the next step is an MRI scan and then we shall see. We are thinking they may need to have it broken and then re-set.

If she had gone to Hosptial in the begining all this could have been avoided. Saying that maybe if the doctor had picked up on it as well, she could have got help earlier.
So the moral to this story is dont trip up ! but if you do get medical help straight away, its really not worth the risk. You dont want to be saying broken bones.... or not!


  1. Ughh, broken bones, NOT FUN! Stopping by from the blog hop! Am now a new follower:) Would love if you could follow me back!

  2. No not fun at all lol thanks for visiting

  3. Oh Goodness! This same sort of thing happened with my daughter. Long story short - she passed out after donating blood and rammed her face into a table and then the floor. The CT scan at the hospital did not show a fracture at that time due to the swelling. Once the swelling went down I noticed her nose was not the same perfect little nose I had made. Sure enough - it was broken! So even hospitals can get it wrong too - although it sounds like she had a rather nasty break - poor girl. Hoping for the best for her!


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