Sunday, 2 September 2012

Dallas Original Series 1-2

Dallas Original series 1-2 ..... what a blast from the past. This week I was lucky enough to be sent this by the lovely people Warner's, so sit and watch and review. I remember this series the first time around, and how as a family we would all sit and wait to see what adventures the family got up to.
So with the new series about to start this was a great way to get in touch with the family again. Or if you were too young to remember it the first time, to allow you to see what they are all about.

So back round...... The series centred around the Ewing's a oil rich Texas family. The show was very well know for its cliff hangers , the most famous being "Who shot J.R?"
The family consists of older brother J.R, mean , nasty and scheming, his long suffering wife Sue-Ellen who has a problem with drink. Younger brother Bobby who is deep down a nice guy but constantly living with his brothers greedy nature. His wife Pam. There parents Jock and Miss Ellie and niece Lucy.
The show first appeared on April 2nd 1978 and went on till 1991.

The rivalry between the families Barnes and Ewing's was a story that had been going on for years, and the further into the series you go the more you learn about why.s
With 357 episodes Dallas is one of the longest ever T.V series and I think it still stands up even today.
So treat yourself to this set and get to know the cast. I will be watching the new series for sure.

Please note all opinions are my own and I only received  a copy to review.


  1. I used to watch this years ago, I loved that mansion they lived in although based on today's decor, I can now see it could use an update.

    Who could possibly forget the "Who shot JR?" cliff hanger lol

    Oh and I wanted to let you know I'm already following you :)


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