Friday, 7 September 2012

Firmoo Review

Firmoo Review today! I was lucky enough to be asked to write a review for this glasses company.
I wear glasses everyday so its very important for me to get the right kind. They have to do the job of letting me see! They have to look good and more important to be comfortable.

So let me start with some details of Firmoo

Why choose

Here at Firmoo, we offer over 300 styles of affordable and stylish frames for you to choose from. Customers even can buy 8 pairs of different eyewear on our site instead of only one pair at the local retail outlet or mall with the same amount money. Different clothes, different mood, different glasses every day, sounds interesting, huh? And if you don’t want to rack your brain to think it over which style suits you most, we offer Virtual Try-On System that helps you see how you look with our glasses or sunglasses. You even are able to use your own photo to try our eyewear virtually.Which I  thought it’s pretty fun and helpful! You are welcome to visit and

So I went onto the web site and found they had a good range of glasses and sun glasses to pick from. Kind of cool that you can put in a picture of yourself and try on glasses, fab idea to give you a clue what you would look like in them.
I wanted a frame less style as I wanted them to not been seen really. They had a few styles and I was exciting to pick on. The only fault I found really was some of the frame less styles were fairly hard to see, but I am not sure if that was just my lap top. I was still able to pick one out and it did look really nice.

I then filled out a form with my prescription and then e mailed it all off. I was thinking that as I am in the UK it may take time to come, as it is an overseas company. However, in about a week I got a parcel and opened it up to find my glasses.
I was delighted ! They were excellent quality and so well made. They looked like a very expensive glasses and yet were light and comfortable. I could see out of them clear and sharp and they felt great from the second I put them on. They even come with a hard case, a soft case and a little tool for your key ring.

I know it is a risk to order online an item such as this, but this is a great company.
I know that I will be ordering more as their prices are great as well.

So I know I love my Firmoo glasses and I am sure you will love them as well. If you go over to their web site, new customers can even get a free pair of glasses so what have you got to lose!

Please note all opinion's are my own and I was not paid for this review only receiving a pair of glasses


  1. I just got some sunglasses from Firmoo!

    1. Love your glasses from firmoo. Great company I think I also love mine they are the best I have had in years


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