Tuesday, 11 September 2012

First days back at school!

First days back at school, ah its been awhile for me but I still remember. I live by two schools so the children go past my house every day. I love to see them all smart in new uniform all shiny and bright.
My children are grown-up now but I always loved that first day. I really enjoyed getting the uniform and seeing them on that first day.

These days the supermarkets carry so much uniform and at such a great price. I wish they had been available when I had them at school. I don't envy the cost of uniform these days if the school have something that's set by them. I think all schools should pick uniform that is easy to buy anywhere.

I hope you have all gone though those first few days with ease. I know when my daughter started school she was fine. All the other kids were crying but she was happy and smiling. I was so pleased and thought we would sail through those first few weeks.
However, it was not to be as by the second week all the other kids had stopped crying and she started!
In the end she was fine and settled in over the weeks and months. School was easy for my oldest he never really had any major issue. My daughter was harder and she found school a really problem at times.
She suffers from chronic fatigue so it made going to school very hard. We were lucky in her last few years to get a tutor and she was home schooled for the last two years. She ended up passing all her exams which was a surprise I have to say.

My son went on to college and University and got his degree so I am very proud. My daughter at present is hoping to go onto University next year to study nursing, proving its never too late.

So whatever stage in schooling you are at I hope its with stress. Enjoy those little gems of first days and store them up, one day you will look back and think of them with a smile.


  1. Ooooh, this will be of comfort to my friend. his little boy went to school with no problems for the first week and as he nears the end of his second week he's just started having hysterical crying fits on his way in to school. Will pass on the link - might make him feel better.

    Only just come across your blog so off for a good read now.

    Lisa @ http://www.howtobeadomesticdisgrace.blogspot.com xx

    1. Hi Lisa I do hope it helps. She's 26 now and has stopped crying lol. Nice to meet you


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