Saturday, 15 September 2012

It's the weekend!

It's the weekend and as normal I have nothing planned really. I never really think of a set "weekend" as my husband has worked shifts for the last 30yrs. He never works the same hours every week so a weekend for me could be any time.
I guess at times it is a pain as it is very hard to make a date to do anything. When my kids were small I really wanted to get a job. Because of the shift pattern it was impossible to arrange anything. Its also meant that we have zero social life, as it makes arranging a social event hard. We have to look at his rota and we can't just do things off the cuff.
Recently I seem to be home most of the time. This is due yes in part to the shift pattern but also my mobility which is getting worse for sure. I do find it hard as in my head I can do it all but in truth my body fights me all the way.
I do not let it get me down and thankfully I love to craft and sew and bake so I do what I can. I do not know what I would do if I could not sew !
I also would hate to not be able to do my new craft which is cake decorating. I have got really into baking and I love making cakes for people, and even better when someone tells me how great they are.
I am even going to enrol on a course to teach me even more and I am so excited.

So whats your plans this weekend, I would love to know and I really hope its much more exciting than mine!

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