Saturday, 15 September 2012

Royal's Private Life

Royal's Private Life is all over the television today. On the back of the Prince Harry picture's come the latest news's of yet more problems for them.
Unless you have been in a cave you will know that a French magazine, has published pictures of Kate duchess of Cambridge sunbathing topless .
I have to say I think its terrible that they did this. Someone went out of their way to crash their private holiday to take these pictures. Then to put them out into the world is despicable  as far as I am concerned.

They were both on holiday and relaxing, which I think you will agree is something they should have the right to do. With all the issues around Princess Diana's death and the press, you would have thought lessons have been learnt.
I have no interest in seeing these pictures and I think that it is a gross infringement of her privacy and it should be stopped.

I applaud the Duke and Duchess for standing up for their rights and going to court. I hope that they get these pictures stopped and the magazine or photographer has to face charges.
This young couple are facing a life in the public eye. So far I think they are doing an excellent job and I think Prince William's mother would have been very proud.
So let them do their job with dignity and not constantly seek to embarrass them in this manner.


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