Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Christmas is coming just thought I would say lol. It only seems seems seconds since last Christmas and I don't know if its just me but the years are getting shorter the older I get. I love Christmas and I love winter. I really get excited at seeing all the lovely coloured lights and being cosy and warm.
I wish that I  could have a huge family Christmas with all those that have long gone and those we do not see that often. It would be so great to see my parents again and my aunt and sister in law, but sadly I will have to wait.

This year I am being brave and selling my handmade crafts at a Christmas event. My daughter in law Karen said I should try. I am always making things and love my patchwork and just craft in general. So for the last three months I have sewed and sewed and now I am worn out . I have made so many things but I really hope that people like them and it opens doors to a new venture.

I am also the proud owner of a web site (under construction) and if my plans go as I hope you will be able to buy some of my things from it in the near future.
So wish me luck and I will post more about the event and lots of pictures nearer the date. Christmas is coming :-)

If you live near South Woodham Ferres in Essex come see me on the 17th Nov  3-8 pm and you will get a lovely warm welcome

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