Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is one that I watch on television every November. I have always been moved by the sight of the old service people and the ones currently serving. Seeing the pride they have and the joy of remembrance of people long or just passed on.

I am married to a past service man. My husband was in the Royal Navy and thankfully he never had to go to war. I do know that if he had been called to do so he would have been there straight away.
I was so touched when they posted up a list of the soldiers that died this year . As the list rolled I was struck by how young that most of them were. What a sad waste of life and I feel for those families that have lost loved ones.
They interviewed a mother and father who had just lost their son. I cried to see pictures of him and hear them talk of him, then to hear his young sister read her words about him. It really did touch my heart.

So I feel I can say no more except a huge thanks to all service personnel past and present for keeping us safe. I hope they all stay well and safe and that we will remember them and not just on Remembrance Day.

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