Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day One Jane Plan Diet

Day one Jane Plan Diet

Today I am starting my Jane Plan diet. I am very excited as I have been over eating sooooo much over Christmas, like most people I think.

All my food came packed up and ready to go. It is just that simple. No worry about how many calories or fat, or sugar and no stress. You have a wonderful selection of things to pick from so no chance of being bored at all.

I had a telephone call this morning from Jane , she wished me well and explained the plan and asked me if I had any questions. This meant I was all set and ready to go.
So I will post daily and use it as my diet blog post and hopefully it will keep me on track. So wish me well and I would love to hear all about your diet plans as well.

Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product.


  1. Sounds great good luck

  2. Good luck Jill, it sounds like a fairly painless way to diet, hope it works for you. I'd love to try something like that.
    Joy xx

  3. Thanks joy. It tastes yummy and I'm very lucky to get to try it. Come back for up dates xx

  4. Ooo I've never heard of this diet, but the name alone makes me want to go look more into it! ;)

    1. How funny Jane a diet just for you lol. I'm on day three and food is yummy


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