Thursday, 24 January 2013

Life as a lazy slug

Life as a lazy slug that's me. I find recently that is what I do and it never gets better lol. I have a number of mobility problems and while my head tells me I am slim and fit go for it, my body says's think again buddy!

In the dim distant past I was that slim fit person. People used to joke that I was never out of the gym or classes. The the dreaded arthritis  struck and I was sunk in the water, with no survivor's at all. I also damaged my back and the older I get the more it crumbles like the old ancient ruin that I am .

This is turn helped me to gain around 6 stone which as you can imagine does not help this sinking ship to keep afloat. The problem is when you are slim and fit and able bodied and then you stop it all, things start to unfold oh so quickly. You just get into a deep hole which gets deeper as time slips past. You are desperately trying to climb up those slippy walls, but you just end up at the bottom again.

Two years ago I hit on what I thought was my dream answer. I had a gastric band. It was going to be my life line to a better world , or was it?
Trust me to be one of those "it didn't work" statistics that you see. Trust me to yet again fail  where many have succeeded. I did lose 28 pounds but then nothing and it just made me feel so embarrassed and foolish.

I was once again cast out onto open water (to stick with this nautical theme) without a life raft in sight.
So I am a lazy slug but its not by choice really its not. Just because someone is fat it does not mean that most are  sitting eating all day and not doing any fitness. It could be as in my case you just can't!
I recently told my doctor that it is a good job I am "Jollyjilly" because if I were not it would be all too easy to say "please let me go" and throw me overboard.

So I am not going to give up and if you read my blog you will know a very lovely lady is helping me with her diet called The Jane Plan ( ) I am going to follow it for a month and beyond I hope and I am not going to beat myself up for being a forced lazy slug!

So if you are fighting things like me please let me know maybe we can keep each other going.

Lazy slugs of the world unite!!!


  1. Good luck with the plan, It sounds really good. Once you able to I am sure you will start moving and grooving again

    1. Thanks Kim I do hope you are right. I'm going to put my heart and soul into it x

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  3. Visiting from the Thursday Thump. Following via GFC and Twitter. Cheers!


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