Friday, 8 February 2013

Holidays,Diets and Life

Holidays, Diets and Life and this past week I have had a little of all. I was very lucky enough to get to go to Morocco last week. Its been a long long time since we had a holiday in fact at least 12 years. We stayed at the most wonderful hotel called the Riu Palace and I am going to do a better post all about it because it is so worth it.
It was hard to relax as it has been so long since we did holidays you forget lol. We left a cold UK and arrived to 28 temps and warm sun shine.

I quickly learnt how to sit and do nothing and I really liked that. We also met some lovely people and a couple of really nice ladies who I had some great chats with. As I said I am going to tell you more about the place ASAP. Today I wanted to have a round up to get the blog up to date.

So the dreaded DIET also comes into play. I can safely say I did not stick to a diet as the food was amazing. I am back now and I am really going to lose weight and get my life back. Its very hard for me as I have so many mobility problems so its not going to be easy.
I am very lucky as I am being helped by the wonderful people at
And I have a great range of food to make my life easy so I have no excuses. I will post regular updates and I am going to be brave and post pictures of me so I hope you will see me getting thinner. I think I will post on my diet on Fridays so I do hope you will come and check every week and also join me in dieting.

I also have been asked to try some other health and fitness items which is very exciting! When I get them I will share with you but wanted to tease you but saying they are on their way.
So all in all I am feeling more relaxed and so determined to change my life but losing weight. I am going month by month so not to be overwhelmed by the task to come.
Please come back often and I would love it if you share your journey with with.


  1. sounds like you had a fab time and I do look forward to reading about your diet plan it does sound great. I will follow the link for a look.

  2. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your holiday, I'm glad you had a good time. Good luck with the diet x

    1. Post on the Holiday coming Lou . Sadly I've come down with a nasty cold :-( lol thanks re diet I will need a lot support lol


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