Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Update Jane Plan ....

Update Jane Plan day ! I have been very lucky these past two weeks to get to do the Jane Plan.
Its such a fab system and it really means if you are good you will get success . Here is some facts.

What we Do

At Jane Plan we want the whole weight loss experience to be enjoyable and easy for you.

Tailored to You

After an initial consultation, which can be completed on line or over the phone we will create a tailor-made diet plan to suit your weight loss needs and lifestyle.

Together we agree what your goals will be and we work with you to achieve those goals.

Delicious Nutritious Food

Your food hamper contains your very own selection of beautifully-balanced, calorie-controlled meals, prepared by our chefs. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – especially for you.

My Jane Plan food !

Home or Office Delivery

With discrete packaging and flexible delivery times, we’ll deliver your food hamper directly to your door – anywhere in the UK.
 You’ll also receive our helpful guide, packed full of useful tips on topics from eating out to taking exercise. And we’ll add in a food diary, weight-loss tracker and a personalised menu.

We Look After You

You will be supported by a weekly weigh-in and have regular conversations with a nutrition and weight loss expert.

You can talk to us via phone, email or text at a time that works for you – 6 days a week. You can also call us at any time if you have questions.

So that is the facts but I can give you the personal information and feelings. All I can say is it is so easy. It all comes packed up in a box and believe me its exciting turning it all out and nothing there is no counting lol

So weight in is the post for today and I know I have been slow getting to that lol, I wanted to just lay down some facts for you as I think its very important.
Last week I had a huge weight lost so I was expecting to stay the same or maybe lose a pound. I was very pleased to see I lost 2 pounds. That is great as I also had to go out to lunch and it was at someones home, so there was no choice.
I am very excited to say I shall be carrying on for a whole month!!!! I am so pleased and I promise I shall be putting my all into it.
So there will be short one week break as I am on holiday and then the serious month will start. So this serious month starts on 8th Feb and I so hope you will join me and also support me.
If you would like to check out the Jane Plan (and you should) please go to.


  1. Sounds like a great plan! All the best

  2. Thanks Kim its yummy food so come back and see how I get on x

  3. i'll be following your journey,hoping to learn too, Jill, good luck x


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