Thursday, 7 March 2013

Craft Class

Last night I went to Craft class. I am lucky that I am local to a great shop called Flair and they run classes every two weeks. Normal I like to go to Saturday class as I hate the overhead lights lol. This week however I am booked for Saturday, so evening it had to be.

To be honest I love to go for the company! Yes I love the crafting part but I really enjoy the chat and tea and the social side of crafting. I always have a great laugh with the teacher Sarah who is soooo funny. We share the same sense of humour so we always have fun. I also love the owner Rosa who is also funny and great company.

The Lovely Sarah

Lovely Rosa

I think us crafter's are a social  lot in general. What more can you ask than like minded people and lots of tea and biscuits lol ....... a dream for some of us. I do also think its great for those who maybe lonely and need to get out. You can make something lovely to take home and have a couple of hours chat . So I would say look for a great shop like I have in flair and see if they have classes. And better still if you live local come check the classes out. Flair also sells a range of craft and train items on the Internet which you should also look over. By the way I way not paid or receive any goods for this review, just my honest opinion.

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