Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Weekly weigh in with my Jane Plan Diet

Weekly weight in with Jane plan yet again. I think these days seem to get closer and closer lol. As normal for me this week has bought problems. I have so many health issues there is rarely a week that I do not have issues. However, i fight on and I am pleased to say I lost 2 pounds. I was fairly surprised as I am still getting little to no fitness at all.
I have really enjoyed the food as normal and its so easy and I have enjoyed that a lot as well.
I am lucky that I am at home but It would so easy to do if you were at work as everything is done for you.

So I am going into another week with hope as I normally do. I will as always do my very best but I do have a busy week coming up, with hospital tests oh what fun.
So wish me luck


  1. Well done a steady loss is better than a huge one and then putting it back on


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